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very beautiful woman,I like your music
Laurie - wonderful to meet you and Steve. So much enjoyed your sets at FWB and am grateful for you sharing your insight to this business. A genuine evening of relaxation listening to your originals and sultry cover renditions. A true joy - Daniel
Great sounds. We would love to see you. Mark and Edna
Enjoyed looking through your web site. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday at the Kahuna.
Rumpled Covers is a great combination of R&B and country. Easy listening. Really enjoyed this CD and know others will as well. Keep it up!
I love your music
You have an awesome voice!!
Going to get my copies! Can't wait!!!
She's HOT! Listening to the seductive and sometimes provocative lyrics and music of Laurie Horn's new CD "Trouble," I've got to ask: Laurie, where you a Siren in a previous life?
Can't WAIT to hear Trouble!
Your NEW ALBUM is just incredible ... really love it!
Very nice website, Laurie. Would like to hear some additional songs on the site if possible. Hope to see you on Friday evening - Gary is working at PD.
Wow Laurie - Great Site! Love the new CD!! This is the best looking website I've ever come across!