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Laurie Horn

What are the qualities of a truly well-rounded artist? Drive, passion, versatility, empathy, vision, tenacity and resolve are, indeed, elements essential in one’s toolbox. Compassion, community awareness, activism and a social conscience certainly complete the picture. Michigan singer-songwriter Laurie Horn embraces all of these and utilizes them in her music and way of life.

                The platinum-locked chanteuse has built a career and established herself as a solid and credible independent musician the old fashioned way—through blood, sweat and tears! In this era of American Idol, X Factor and pre-packaged pop stars, Laurie is the real deal. She began her singing career, almost by accident, in the late ‘60s-early ‘70s.  She was travelling throughout the southern United States with a rock ‘n roll show band as their costume designer. But she would also assist them in writing some of their musical arrangements. One night they were rehearsing one of her songs after hours at a club. Some of the patrons overheard her voice and began inquiring if she was the lead singer. In true cinematic style events soon shifted as Horn comfortably slid into the driver’s seat. She immediately found herself appearing on stages at major music festivals in Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana. She was also sharing the spotlight and hobnobbing with, then, emerging superstars like Jefferson Airplane and Led Zeppelin. It was truly a fantasy gig for a young girl just breaking into show business.

                The chameleonic front person maintained a strong three year run working with her band until a freak accident almost jeopardized an entire career. Her act consisted of uncannily spot on impersonations of Robert Plant and Janis Joplin. Ironically, it was her performance of Joplin that did her in. She went on stage one night with a bad case of laryngitis and blew out her vocal cords from the strain. She had to take several years off and doctors thought that those stratospheric notes she released would be silenced forever. A number of years later a chance meeting at a Halloween party reconnected Laurie with some of her old band mates. Unbeknownst to her, one of them arranged some recording studio time for her and was shocked to learn she had, virtually, remained dormant in any active music pursuits—but that all was about to change.

                When Horn stepped foot behind a microphone it immediately transported her to those embryonic glory days of yesteryear. The studio experiences gave her a renewed vibrancy and drive to get back in the music game. After sitting in with several local groups, and a series of ill-fated attempts to start her own band, the intrepid and determined singer sought a collaborator to flesh out her original song ideas. Through a local ad she found musician/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/engineer/producer Nick Dalbis. It was with Dalbis that she found a kindred spirit in creating and recording her debut solo CD Alive Again in 2005. This album was the manifestation of a full life lived, with a cadre of personal songs spanning adult themed rock, country and ballads. Their association has continued on successive releases Trouble (2011), Rumpled Covers (2012) and the special limited edition Christmas Dreams (2012). Christmas Dreams is particularly near and dear to Horn’s heart as it was recorded specifically to benefit area animal shelters.

  (Laurie and her rescue dog, Zoe)

                All of Horn’s albums have a very authentic and heart-on-your-sleeve quality to them. She also applies that emotion to animal rights issues. She is a volunteer and supporter of Detroit Bully Corps. The DBC is an organization dedicated to educating the public about, and protecting the welfare of, pit bulls. Just like her music, the singer has immersed herself whole-hearted into it. “Once you’re into dog rescue so much comes across your computer screen of the horrors that are inflicted upon these innocent animals,” explains Horn on her entry into animal welfare. “I finally just reached a point where I was tired of talking about how horrible things were and I was going to stand up and do something about it.”

                “Dog fighting has become an after school activity in Detroit. What we want to do is eventually get into a community center or the schools to offer an alternative for children with dogs,” continues Laurie. “We want to get them into healthy activities with the dogs to develop some pride and get better relationships going with the animals. And it’s not just about animal welfare. It’s also about all the crime that goes along with dog fighting like guns, gambling, gangs and drugs.”

                Horn does a lot of cross-posting of lost dogs online and works with many rescues and animal shelters as well. But educating the public on the plight of the pit bull is one of her prime concerns. “Pit bulls are not the horrible monsters that the media make them out to be,” says the singer. “They can make incredible family pets as long as you are responsible. But that’s true for any breed.”

                Horn was asked by Detroit Bully Corps to compose a song for a Public Service Announcement to specifically address issues of rescue, rehabilitation, training and adoption of dogs in need. Her intent with the song is to give it a universal appeal that will reach the hearts and minds of all who will hear.

                Above and beyond her philanthropic endeavors, Laurie has recently partnered with guitarist-vocalist Daniel Fegan to form the ‘50s-‘60s-oriented duo “Leather and Lace.” Fegan’s deep and rich baritone coupled with Horn’s warm dulcet tones grace a wealth of audience favorites from the classic rock era and beyond.

                Laurie’s on-going music front includes regular solo stints and production on future recording projects.

                For more information on Laurie’s animal welfare activities please check out: Detroit Bully Corps: .

--Eric Harabadian   

My thanks and appreciation to Eric and Media Stew PR for my updated biography!!    

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Think I'm in love !! With the story behind your journey I should say . I am a local Waterford musician and know what you have gone through . Love the songs & the look . Hope to hear you in person someday . Melodies forever !!

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