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Alive Again Audio

Alive Again

by Laurie Horn

Released 2005
ToadSong Music
Released 2005
ToadSong Music
Sarah McLachlan meets Sheryl Crow with an underlying funk. An eclectic mix of pop/rock, blues/jazz and pop/country.
  • 03:11 Somewhere In Time
  • 03:19 Southwest Of Goodbye
  • 03:46 One Kiss Goodnight
  • 03:28 Never Mind
  • 03:59 Bringin' Me Down
  • 06:08 Story Lyrics Alive Again


    I’m waking up from the longest dream
    For such a wreck I feel so serene
    I think I’ll try my new shoes on for size, it’s good to be alive.
    I’m walking slowly and it hurts sometimes
    Where I’m going, I think I’ll be just fine
    I heard it’s better on this side, it’s good to be alive.
    And I’m feeling stronger now, I feel alive again
    And I won’t go back, I can’t do that again
    It’s brighter now, I see some light ahead
    And it’s all right
    Feels good to be alive again.
    Yeah, it’s all right
    It feels good to be alive again.
    I know I’m better off this way
    Looking forward to a brand new day
    And though I miss you by my side, it’s good to be alive.
    You’re walking past me, to another time
    And though you call sometimes, just keep in mind
    I’m gonna get it right this time, it’s good to be alive.
    Repeat 1st verse
    I’m waking up to a brand new day
    Packed some dreams and I’m on my way
  • 03:58 River Of Dreams
  • 03:31 Little Girl Lost
  • 03:39 Falling
  • 03:48 No More Lonely Nights
  • 04:15 Overkill
  • 04:06 Nobody Touches Me
  • 04:01 Intoxication
  • 03:47 Whole Lotta Love